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Who We Are

TrueWebMakers is a leading web design company providing a range of web design and development services with a passion for creating cutting-edge websites for your business. We provide exceptional web design services with a passion for improving brand visibility through custom website development where you can host the website of your choice.TrueWebMakers promises that your website design is full of creativity and that it should offer the best of web design services including graphic design, web development, digital marketing services, and web maintenance services. We offer affordable costs compared to the best website companies in the world because website design and development require full team resources to develop a professional website. Web development is the technical side of the website that our top IT experts use to help you create a trendy website from top web designers. The core value of Code Clinic Lab is to gain a competitive advantage over other companies and help you differentiate yourself online as a leader in your industry

Services We Provide

Web Development

The design exists to present this information in an organized way and to add functionality.

PHP Development

PHP is considered technology for its ease of use, flexibility support for a wide range of frameworks

Web Design

A suitable design is not only good for you, but it can also save your visitors a lot of money.

Mobile App Development

they play an important role in remotely accessing the integrated domain in the workplace.

Ecommerce Stores

The ease of purchase, the secure transaction process, and the wide platform to conveniently select products or services


SEO benefits small businesses in several ways, including the ability to build functional and easy-to-use websites.

Step-by-Step: How We Get Things Done

Planning and Analysis

This initial phase is crucial for setting the project’s foundation. During planning and analysis, you define the project’s scope, objectives, and requirements. This involves gathering detailed information about what the software should achieve, who the end users are, and what functionality it should offer. A comprehensive project plan is created, outlining the project’s timeline, milestones, and resources needed.


In the design phase, the project’s architecture and structure are carefully crafted. For software development, this includes designing the user interface (UI), which determines how users will interact with the software. It also involves designing the database schema, specifying how data will be organized and stored. The overall system architecture is planned to ensure scalability, performance, and security.

Implementation (Code)

This phase is where the actual development work happens. Skilled developers write the code based on the design specifications. They create the software’s functionality, features, and logic. The implementation phase is hands-on and involves coding, programming, and creating the software’s core components.

Testing & QA

After the code is written, the project undergoes thorough testing. This phase aims to identify and eliminate any defects, bugs, or issues in the software. Quality assurance (QA) processes are applied to ensure that the software meets the specified requirements, functions correctly, and is reliable. Testing includes various levels, such as unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.


Deployment is the process of making the software available to users. It involves releasing the project to the production environment, where it can be accessed by the intended audience. This phase includes installation, configuration, and any necessary data migration to ensure a seamless transition from development to production.


Once the project is live, ongoing maintenance is essential. This phase involves monitoring the software’s performance, addressing any issues or bugs that arise, and making regular updates and improvements. Maintenance ensures that the software remains functional, secure, and up-to-date over time, ensuring its long-term viability.

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